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Roxanne Lynch and her husband Bob share a big love of motorcycling, travel, back yard gardens and flower beds, being afflicted with what he calls “Gypsy Feet.” Running a successful online business is a perfect fit for her busy family commitments and their travel loves.

At 43, Roxanne was introduced to Network Marketing where she struggled for several years. In the spring of 2015 she was introduced to Attraction Marketing and applied the formula within social media. She quit her stressful middle management corporate job in the fall of 2017 and her world continues to change for the better!

Roxanne is an inspired, compassionate Network Marketing Business Owner and Cheerleader. She truly seeks to understand the struggle and is extremely creative helping bring her clients and teammates to what she calls, “The Sunny Side of Life.”

She readily shares out her best tips and tricks to shorten ladies learning curves, sharing everyday solutions and insights to online business owners. It is her goal to educate and encourage them to show up on social media with a true servant’s heart; and thereby to Stand Out and Shine Online.

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