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As a bookkeeper, Carolynn Bottino has had the honor and privilege of working with dozens and dozens of clients and began to see various money patterns. She discovered that no matter how much money people did or didn’t have, what mattered is that how they felt about money. She also saw that everyone has a money story and it was impacting their ability to attract and receive abundance.  It became very apparent that she was more than just a bookkeeper – She has a calling to help people become empowered around their money. Carolynn’s clients often tell her that she has a natural gift to teach people how to interact with their money in a way that transforms their relationship with money.  This is how her Money Empowerment Project was born.

In this Episode we discuss entrepreneurs relationship to money, knowing their numbers, and Carolynn’s empowering journey of how her businesses, All The Details, and The Money Empowerment Project have evolved.

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CoHost: Jill Fleming – Beyond Logic Coaching + Consulting

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